We support you all the way from the development and design of the prototypes to the model or mass production in one of our German or Asian production facilities. We provide continuous quality and on-time delivery made possible through our own on-site staff and decades of experience in the field of PCB technology.


According to your needs we provide PCBs from standard 2-layers to high-tech multilayers. We offer the best technology for your product and our experienced project managers support you from beginning to end.

Technical Specifications:
• 2-36 layers
• FR4 normal to high-Tg
• HAL, imm. gold, imm. tin, imm. silver, OSP, gold connector
• Impedance control: +/- 5%
• Aspect Ratio: 15: 1
• HDI (4 + N + 4) structures (blind, buried, stacked vias)
• 75 µm (3mil) structures
• Backplane PCB, thick copper PCB, aluminum PCB
• Press-fit technology
• High-frequency materials
• Deep milling
• Carbon-printing


In line with the trend of electronics miniaturization, rigid-flex PCBs make it possible to realize space-saving solutions.

Technical Specifications:
• 2- 6 layers
• Thickness:> 1.0mm
• FR4 normal to high-Tg polyimide
• imm. gold, imm. tin, gold connector
• Impedance control
• HDI structures (blind + buried vias)


We can realize complete wiring of compact devices and systems with our flex PCBs. This opens up a great opportunity to develop variable electronics.

Technical Specifications:
• 1-8 layers
• Thickness: 0.05 - 3 mm
• polyimide: 12.5, 25, 50, 75, 100 µm
• HDI micro via
• imm. gold, imm. tin, imm. silver, OSP
• partial reinforcement with polyimide, FR4 and sheet steel possible

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